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Telecommunications Operators

Integrating new tools and technologies to improve business outcomes
Telecommunications operators play a pivotal role in helping people, companies, and cities realize their digital ambitions and meet ever-growing demands for data and connectivity. Yet many face capex scarcity and are under significant pressure to develop or improve 5G, fixed wireless access (FWA), and fiber networks, and to diversify their offerings to maximize customer lifetime value, return on investment, and shareholder value.
We help clients boost revenues and optimize costs through digital, analytics, and enterprise-wide transformation, while enabling growth through selective new business entry. We help operators to achieve stronger acquisition, increase average revenue per user, improve customer engagement and asset management, reduce costs and customer-churn, and realize new revenue streams across B2B and B2C segments.

What we do

Commercial excellence optimization

Strategize and implement commercial value drivers such as pricing and promotions, cross- and up-sell, personalization at scale, retention, and churn management for stronger customer-lifetime value.

Digital business building

Build a digital business or expand into new areas by assembling the right people, technology and data, product and strategy, go-to-market, operations, and capital to scale a business.

Customer experience

Implement end-to-end solutions to immediately improve revenue and reduce call-center volume and customer churn with more personalized content and offers and better customer experiences.

Smart network capital expenditures and strategy

Analyze 5G and FWA demand and supply drivers, network and market positioning, and infrastructure asset strategies, such as divestment or network sharing.

Transformation and restructuring

Adopt alternative methods of at-scale cost and commercial transformation, including agility, restructuring, and digital implementation.


lower costs for agile organizations


increased traffic and 3x sales through advanced analytics initiatives


call-center reduction and 20% net promoter score improvement with eCare

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