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Digital IT Services

Driving growth and competitiveness in the digital era
The enterprise IT landscape has undergone rapid growth of digital services in recent years, whilst traditional IT services are diminishing. Leading service providers are adjusting their strategy, reorganizing themselves, making targeted investments, and improving their competitiveness to build and scale their digital services and effectively manage the decline of their traditional portfolios.
We help leading IT-service providers and digital-transformation specialists with their digital strategy and business building by identifying and prioritizing areas of growth, setting up the organization and operating model, and transforming their commercial and delivery capabilities.

What we do

Digital strategy and value creation

Redefine long-term sustainable growth strategy through identification of “where to play” hot spots and build differentiated offerings and solutions.

Reinvent sales for digital

Drive growth by strengthening sales capabilities, leveraging analytics for opportunity identification and decision making, and customizing selling motions for digital.

Organizing for digital and digital talent

Reorganize and refine the operating model for digital, and sustainably solve the digital talent challenge.

Delivery modernization

Drive a step change in delivery cost, quality, and agility through next-generation delivery models such as automation, artificial intellgence, machine learning, agile and DevOps.

Programmatic M&A

Enable strategic M&A and support effective integration to maximize synergies and build in-house capabilities.

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