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Financial Inclusion

We work to accelerate the pace of financial inclusion to improve people’s livelihoods and support the growth of sustainable new businesses.

Half the world is unbanked: two billion adults are excluded from formal financial services. Lacking access to payments, savings, credit, and insurance products, they are profoundly vulnerable to job losses, failed harvests, and other shocks. The availability of sound, affordable, and accessible financial services would enable them to guard against risk, protect their families, and invest in their future.

What we do

We draw on deep expertise in banking, telecommunications, retail, and other industries to support clients in extending affordable, high-quality financial services to lower-income households and businesses. Working with leaders across the public, private, and social sectors, we help design and launch payments, savings, loans, and insurance products and services that enhance people's well being and are economically sustainable over the long term.

In addition to our client work, we commit extensive resources to building knowledge and shaping the global debate on financial inclusion. In other research projects, we have explored the expansion of electronic government payments, the potential of mobile, and the role of advanced analytics in financial inclusion.

How we work

Progress toward financial inclusion depends on innovations in technology, regulation, and business models. Our global networks and decades of consulting experience enable us to accelerate the pace of change by facilitating cross-sector collaborations between international conveners, governments, foundations, investors, and businesses. We help these high-level partnerships analyze customer needs, understand economic and regulatory barriers, align stakeholder interests, develop solutions, reach hard-to-serve communities, and deliver tangible impact.

In our private-sector projects, we work on the ground with banks, mobile phone operators, and technology providers to design economically sustainable business models capable of quickly reaching scale and achieving global impact. We support clients in developing customers’ knowledge and skills to help them make sound decisions and take control of their financial lives.