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Agricultural Development

We help clients transform agricultural systems at scale to raise productivity, open up access to markets, and improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

We tackle deep-rooted challenges such as sector competitiveness and productivity, food access and availability, smallholder farmer livelihoods, and climate change and resource scarcity. We work closely with governments, donors, foundations, and businesses to design and implement holistic programs that transform the way agricultural systems operate.

The work we do

We apply our expertise in agribusiness, supply-chain management, infrastructure, and large-scale transformations to create models for sustainable agricultural development that attract private, public, and social investment and can be scaled and delivered effectively. These models include regional “breadbaskets,” infrastructure and logistics corridors, and dedicated agricultural economic zones or food hubs. We invest in developing lean, flexible delivery models to help governments achieve the maximum impact from limited resources and build their capabilities as they pursue their long-term agricultural transformations.

In addition to our work on strategy, design, and implementation, we help set up and accelerate public/private partnerships, support individual value-chain projects and food reserve strategies, and tackle questions on organizational and strategic topics for donors and foundations.