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Public Safety & Criminal Justice

We help government leaders at all levels to understand what the people they serve care about and transform the services they deliver.

We support public-safety agencies with their most pressing challenges, from finding new ways to reduce prison violence to optimizing the dispatch of police officers on the street. As their operations come under increased scrutiny, we help officials improve their responsiveness and fulfill their mission to keep the public safe.

What we do

Our work in public safety and criminal justice spans every level from city to national government. We work with senior leaders to help agencies improve their performance and serve the public better. By drawing on our experience from across the public and private sectors, we help leaders with the following:

  • Rigorously assess strategies and make decisions in uncertain environments
  • Apply advanced analytics and technology to reduce risks, prevent incidents, and optimize the use of resources
  • Transform their operations to provide a better service to the public
  • Equip their organization to do more with less by getting the best value from their budgets
  • Engage stakeholders in government and among the public to make initiatives more successful
  • Improve their organization’s culture and people management to keep employees motivated and inspired