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We help federal, state, and local public institutions run their day-to-day operations more effectively, so they can do more with fewer resources.

Government agencies around the world are under pressure to maintain or improve the level of service they provide to constituents, but with smaller budgets and workforces. The problem is not a new one—government agencies always seem to be fighting against funding shortages—but the recent financial crisis has significantly reduced tax revenue in many jurisdictions, making the need for efficiency all the more urgent. And while governments are seeking to maintain or even reduce spending to bring their public finances back into balance, they must also provide services that minimize the impact of the downturn on individuals, families, and businesses.

What we do

Operational improvements can help organizations create sustainable and substantial improvements in productivity. We bring proven techniques for eliminating waste, variability, and inflexibility in operations and in our work with government departments and agencies. Although many of these techniques were pioneered in the manufacturing industry, they have found ready application in public-sector agencies—from those with processes that resemble manufacturing (such as defense-related logistics units) to others where such techniques might seem less obviously relevant (such as policymaking bodies).