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Helping hospitals and healthcare providers transform their performance and improve patient-experience and health outcomes
Innovations in healthcare delivery and provider organisations are helping hospitals deliver better care. However, economics in the healthcare sector remain challenging. In an environment where it is imperative to strengthen clinical quality, increase delivery of personalized care, and improve the patient experience—while also enhancing management efficacy and productivity—we help healthcare executives redefine their strategies, identify and capture opportunities, eliminate waste and variability, optimize resources and leverage data and best practices.
We help providers navigate this complex landscape by introducing innovations in care delivery and management along every step of the journey, from understanding opportunities for improvement to implementing changes. We have led projects addressing a broad range of issues and draw upon our international experience for best practices and key insights.

We support healthcare providers take the following actions:

  • think through key trends in their complex environment to inform their approach to innovation, digital health, advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence, including increasing the use of automation and harnessing healthcare data to introduce new business models
  • adopt best in class processes to improve quality, reduce cost, and optimize productivity
  • focus on the fundamental redesign of frontline clinical care to provide for sustainable change over the long term
  • use bottom-up planning to ensure that clinicians and managers own initiatives and that initiatives are concrete and actionable—they move through a structured stage-gate process, from ideation to realization
  • improve the patient and employee experience—for example, by involving patients more closely in care delivery
  • address the mind-sets and cultures of clinical and nonclinical staff to increase an organization’s agility and achieve lasting results

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