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We help financial services clients achieve extraordinary risk-adjusted performance.

Facing extreme volatility in financial and commodity markets, more and more of our clients are realizing that effective, risk-informed strategy can offer a major source of competitive advantage. We take a holistic approach to risk issues, combining deep industry insight and strategic skills with a structured risk-management approach, proven methodologies focused on true transformation, analytical tools, and practical implementation.

The Risk and Regulation Practice comprises a global community of experts who specialize in helping companies create value in a turbulent world. We also collaborate with expert external advisers, who bring to bear decades of industry, regulatory, and academic experience.

Our four key areas of expertise are enterprise risk management and risk culture, credit risk, market and trading risk, and risk and regulation.

  • Enterprise Risk Management and Risk Culture. We help clients develop risk-management capabilities to support their strategic priorities, so they can protect the value of the company while growing the business profitably. Our integrated perspective on enterprise-wide risk enables us to support not only the chief risk officer (CRO) or CFO but the entire management team, including the CEO and other business leaders.
  • Credit Risk. We help financial institutions manage risk along the entire credit value chain, addressing challenges and opportunities related to origination and underwriting, credit-portfolio management, loss mitigation, credit modeling, and advanced analytics. In the last three years, we have completed projects that maximized value and mitigated losses in our clients’ credit portfolios.
  • Risk and Regulation. We work with banks, insurers, regulators, and governments to quantify and address the operational and strategic impact of regulatory changes as well as to prepare for the implementation of new regulation.
  • Market and Trading Risk. We help companies create and preserve value by providing advice and analytics on managing market-risk exposures, selecting hedging strategies, and capturing market and trading opportunities.