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Marketing & Sales

We work with financial services clients to generate long-term, sustainable growth.

We work with consumer financial services organizations including life insurance and retirement companies, property and casualty insurers, retail banks, and consumer finance and mortgage lenders to generate sustainable long-term growth. We integrate our knowledge of business strategy, organizational performance leadership, and operations excellence to serve clients through a comprehensive range of expertise on issues related to marketing and distribution.

What we do

  • Marketing spend optimization. We help clients take a holistic view of how they market their products and services, using a series of proven techniques to achieve significantly higher performance, from awareness to usage and consumer loyalty. By using both effectiveness and efficiency techniques, clients improve performance in their marketing investments, often reducing resources consumed by marketing activities.
  • Distribution imperatives. Financial services firms must balance the need to reduce distribution costs, retain clients, retain advisers, and stimulate revenue. Our proprietary research on the behaviors and attitudes of both customers and advisers helps life insurers, wealth managers, and other financial firms address these multiple challenges.
  • Digital marketing. With increasing numbers of consumers selecting and interacting with financial services providers online, we partner with firms to refine their approach to digital marketing. Our work is based on primary research into customer needs and preferences.
  • Customer experience. We help clients evaluate current and potential service delivery models across channels, identify opportunities to create better experiences for their customers, and show how this enhanced experience can translate into economic value. Our proprietary approach and data on business and segment-specific consumer behavior enable clients to prioritize investments and optimize marketing spend.
  • Advisory sales force productivity. We work with clients to achieve and sustain revenue growth by improving the productivity of their advisory sales forces. We focus on understanding producer mind-sets and barriers to sales at various career stages, and we have proprietary research on several aspects of distribution, including meeting the needs of consumers as they prepare for and enter retirement. We have distinctive capabilities in sales-management, including recruiting, teams, training, compensation, and the roles played by two critical entities: the home office and front-line managers.